Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dominion in 7 Steps

This poem is both the longest poem and my favorite poem I have ever written. It's my favorite because it was deeply inspired and the messages in the poem are things I strongly believe in. The poem describes a seven step process I came up with for dealing with any type of situation. Every step deals with an action needed to be done regarding God. I strongly hope that this poem's message is both helpful and useful. Thanks for taking the time to read my poetry...

By following these simple steps
no matter what the situation,
your soul will surely rise above-
singing with joyful exclamation:

First and foremost trust
is the important starting place.
Complete, unwavering trust
that God is setting our pace.

Humble asking is the next step.
By striving for understanding,
you are setting yourself up
for a smooth and steady landing.

Not a selfish, arrogant asking,
or a whiny, ungrateful plea;
but a true desire to grow and be led-
acknowledging your want to be free.

Then the hardest but most crucial step,
patience - waiting for answered prayer.
It may feel like you're waiting forever,
but patience keeps you prepared.

Discouragement and frustration
can be loud and tangible feelings,
but it's just the ego creating drama,
trying to get in the way of healing.

While patiently living the questions,
it's vital to listen to our Source;
always tuning in to the good,
always vigilantly staying on course.

Watch for signs of your right place.
Choose to listen to the still, small voice.
God is always sending His angels;
we receive them when we make that choice.

Then, once you receive an angel-
when, at last, direction is clear-
you can obey straightaway.
Healing will manifest if you adhere.

By obeying God's instruction,
the next step is automatic:
It's simply glorifying God,
and your life will feel ecstatic.

With all this joy, come the final step-
as essential as the rest.
In order to receive more good,
give gratitude for how you've been blessed.

Resistance works its hardest
right before it's crushed and beaten.
So don't give in, but give more;
do the opposite of what it's screamin'.

Then when you feel your full dominion-
when the illusion of evil has lost-
you'll realize what was all along:
God is the one and only Boss.

This freeing feeling is so complete,
so victorious, so alive!
A healing power like none else-
one only God could contrive.

Therefore, in any situation,
or with anything troubling you:
trust, ask, be patient, listen,
obey, glorify, and give gratitude for Truth.

--DW 9/09

This Moment is Now

This piece was originally the first five stanzas of "Dominion in 7 Steps", but I feel they fit better as their own separate poem...

This moment is right now.
Here, exactly where you are.
Nothing else in the world matters,
neither near here nor far.

You are new every moment.
Progress is God's law.
Then since you reflect God,
progress is also your law.

Past and future are only limits;
they actually aren't even real.
They just want to get us all
to change the way we feel.

What we've learned is a part of us.
It shows us how we've grown.
The future is irrelevant;
it is completely unknown.

By solely living in the now,
your heart can wholly live and learn
to its fullest potential, then
you'll reap the good you earn.

--DW 9/09

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Day 100

Today was Day 100 in my four commitments to write poetry, juggle, do an ab workout, and review my life purpose and vision I discovered in March. So, naturally, I decided to write my poem about Day 100 and the 100 Day Commitment process...

Day 100 is here at last!
A goal was set and is officially complete.
More than fourteen weeks have now gone past,
over which an activity I did repeat.

There were four activities to be exact;
the improvement in each very fulfilling.
It's amazing the progress and committed impact,
and it all starts from just being willing.

Willing to be disciplined before you've even begun,
willing to beat human resistance to the core,
willing to forgive and start back at day one;
and once you reach 100; well, why not do more?

--DW 8/09

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Run

This poem is dedicated to that crazy activity that constantly pushes human limits...

The run
is joyful.
The run
is boundless.
The run
is rhythmic.
The run
is hard work.

The run
is the climb up the mountain.
The run
is the descent down the mountain.
The run
is another chance to face the beast.
The run
is dominion in action.

The run
is when resistance tries harder the further you go.
The run
is when fatigue yells no.
The run
is when you yell "Yes!"
The run
is when you decide to go.

The run
is a classroom.
The run
is when the majority of demonstrations happen.
The run
is consistent progress.
The run
is an just as much a discovery as an escape.

The run
is freedom.
The run
is where there are no rules.
The run
is possible.
The run
is happening...
right this moment.

The run
on the path less traveled
is as quick as
the walk
on the straight and narrow path.
The run
also often turns the path less traveled
into the straight and narrow.
The run
therefore begs the question:
Why walk the straight and narrow
when you can RUN it?

--DW 8/09

Monday, August 17, 2009

Tonight's Gratitude

My gratitude for the evening...

I'm grateful to God for daily bread;
always a new moment to explore.
I'm grateful that God has a plan for me;
for knowing now and nothing more.

I'm grateful for Life and its supply,
and all of its surprises unknown.
My heart is singing the purest joy,
the purest joy it has ever known.

--DW 8/09

Friday, July 24, 2009

Life Is

A poem I wrote in Sunday School about Life...

Life is.
Life is here.
Life is now.
Life is always.
Life is good.
Life is unbeatable.
Life is pure.
Life is self-sustaining.
Life is understanding.
Life is evolving.
Life is progress.
Life is a walk.
Life is a run.
Life is free.

Life simply is.

--DW 7/09

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Love Reigns

"Divine Love always has met and always will meet every human need."

Love reigns.

It breaks the chains,
cleans the stains,
and heals the pains.

It stops the rains,
and hurricanes.

It brings us gains,
and leads us down God's lane.

Divine Love will remain.

--DW 7/09

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Unlimited Rhythm

An acrostic poem of my spiritual name...



--DW 6/09

Friday, July 10, 2009

Decision Making

"Not my will, but Thine be done."

There are many,
when there should be one.
There's worry,
when there should be fun.
There's human,
when there should be divine.
I'll just trust
that everything's gonna be fine.
When my will
wants to tear me limb from limb,
I'll still trust
that it's all up to Him.
'Cause I know
that I'm here to grow and learn.
So I'll show
what I reap is mine to earn.
Since God's plan
is most definitely preferred,
the first step
is to listen for His Word.

--DW 7/09

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

God's Message

This is the comforting message I heard from God a few days ago in the form of poetry...

Take a deep breath,
there's a whole lot left.
Step back and see,
just let it flow naturally.

I'm by your side--
in front of you and behind.
You'll never be anywhere
where you are not in my care.

Whole-hearted trust
is a definite must,
for you shall say happily,
"I know that God is with me!"

And I'll reply, "You are right!"
I always hold on tight
to the perfect children I make.
I never make a mistake.

You are whole and complete,
never missing a beat,
always expressing Me;
the Truth makes you free.

Courageous and fearless
you live your life tearless;
'cause with Me by your side
you shall forever abide.

--DW 6/09